Fraser Perry – 2014 NZ Tour Part II: Mt Aspiring National Park

While making our way across to the West Coast, we explored new water in Mt Aspiring National Park. Ready for an adventure, we walked into a back country river with little expectations other than rough terrain, harsh weather and challenging fishing. The rivers we fished all delivered in this respect!



Day after day of rain limited the fish that could reasonably be caught. Persistence, patience and perseverance kept us going through the dismal conditions. Fortunately, we were rewarded with some shots at great fish after the river cleared. We spotted Rainbows holding in deep pools under the fast water and back under the runs. Many of these fish required scrambling down boulders to get in position to cast. With limited casting room and fast water, our drifts were often too short to get nymphs down to the fish. However, struggling on these fish and getting worked was still plenty of fun.


Some of our best catches came from easily overlooked back eddies.

This walk in trip was certainly an adventure!

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