Fraser Perry – Hawkes Bay

This November I returned to the North Island for a week fly fishing the Hawkes Bay region with Peter Godfrey. We explored sections of the Rangitikei, Taruarau and Ngararoro Rivers, camping at many spectacular places.

We predominately caught Rainbows around 45 and 55cm lengths along with the occasional Brown. I was impressed with the speed and fight from these fish, especially after spending my last few trips in the Snowies catching wee little Trout. The first fish I hooked was a 'chromy' that powered upstream before straightening the hook!


The large Rainbows I encountered made me realise the importance of tying quality knots, with quality tippet material, onto strong hooks. During the first three days I lost 13 fish to clinch knots, tippet failures, straightened hooks and snapped hook eyes. Thankfully, Peter in his wisdom sorted me out, putting me onto uni knots for all droppers, Rio 8lb fluorocarbon for tippet and gave me some of his flies tied on Tiemco 2457s. These changes brought my conversion rate on fish well above 50%.


I'm looking forward to returning to this region and enjoying more fantastic fishing!



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