Busmans Holiday


This looks like a good run. I should get one out of here if I'm careful, I'll get one from each side of the centre current.
Don't be too eager, short casts up this near side first. About half a metre to the left of the main current is where my line needs to be. I'll have to stand in the water and cast directly up stream or I'll get caught in the long grass that's growing down to the waters edge.
I hope I can still see the deer hair caddis in the broken water. Ok just cast about halfway up the run. I'll have to retrieve the slack line quickly because it will be coming straight down towards me and I want to be able to tighten the line immediately a trout takes the fly in this fast water.
That's a good cast, strip in the slack line watch the fly. Its disappeared it didn't look like a fish, probably the current sucking it under, don't strike let the drift continue.
Cast about another metre further up. Good cast watch the fly, good drag free drift, that should have got one.
Cast in the same place there will be one in there be patient. Good cast, mend the line to the right, strip in the slack line. The fly has disappeared lift the rod, its a fish, good solid feel to it. Get the slack line onto the reel because the fish will come down stream straight towards me. Here it comes, keep the line tight. That rock is slippery, oh no I hope this isn't going to hurt, keep the rod tip up. Thank heavens it didn't hurt, but I'm soaking wet. The trout is still on and holding in the current below me know. Stand up and see if I can land it.

 2009-03-26 11.59.48
Good solid rainbow jack close to 5lbs. Gently roll him upright. There he goes swimming strongly. He is probably thinking "what the hell just happened"
Now all I have to do next week is get the client to do the same except for the wet backside.
I wonder if there is another trout on the other side of the main current


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