He is from the United States of America... He casts with his left hand, his wifes name is Ariel... and he loves fishing. Jack and I first met Lucas a couple of years ago when we snuck up on him and our other mate Isaiah when we arrived at a hut on our way back downstream ...continue reading His name is Lucas.

I was woken by the sound of Chris shuffling through the house. My sleep had been short, but it was enough. I checked my watch through squinted eyes to see if I would get away with a few more minutes tucked up in my sleeping bag. I realised it was best if I just got ...continue reading Opposite ends of the scale

The brown river is one which has been on the list for a couple of seasons, but for one reason or another I’d never quite made it there… until recently. Chris, Jeremy, and I hit the road really early to give ourselves the best shot at making it to the brown river before anybody else could. Getting ...continue reading Painting the town brown


Way back in November, Jeremy and I went on a fishing trip, of epic proportions. Well it wasn't really that epic, but we were away for quite a while... 9 days all up. This isn't the first day of our trip. This day came about halfway through the adventure, but for reasons I won't bore you with I can't do ...continue reading Great Southern Land


So they say... I finally managed to get out for some fishing, after an entire month of not wetting a line! A month without fishing at this time of year is a very, very long time... trust me. After finishing work on Monday morning I headed home to get just enough sleep for the trip ...continue reading Size doesn’t matter!

Its been a while since I've written anything resembling a trip report... I've been really busy. Between work and fishing, I haven't had much time for anything else. Once I get the photos from a few trips I'll share a few stories... there's a decent backlog to get through. This past Monday I went out for ...continue reading This is why we walk.

Mike and I couldn't help but smile as we recounted the events of our trip on the long walk out, it had been a very special time. Both of us agreed it may well be the best fishing we would ever see. Less than 48 hours earlier we had been walking the opposite direction. A decent weather forecast was on the cards and we ...continue reading Big time!


The weather forecast wasn't too flash for Labour weekend, no matter where I looked. I hadn't been fishing since the end of opening week, and I was determined I would find somewhere to fish this weekend. The original plan was to head into the Canterbury High Country for a couple of days, but that idea soon became unrealistic. Instead, Jeremy ...continue reading Through hell to high water


By the time Friday rolled around in the first week of October we had only been fishing three times, and we both concluded another day out was necessary. There was a certain somewhere that needed visiting... Jack picked me up and off we went. I don't like to make a habit of eating pastry for breakfast, but my ...continue reading Hurricane Friday


Well here we are again. The beginning of yet another trout season... and about time too. I hope most of you have made it out for some fishing and have had an enjoyable time so far. As you've seen, our opening day was very much a success. Now was the time to back it up. ...continue reading Backing it up…