On Tuesday evening Alex, Andrew Marshall and myself headed out west is search of Albacore Tuna. We had heard reports that they were being caught so we gunned it out wide as fast as we could to be greeted by warm but dirty water. After half an hour with no sign and time running out, ...continue reading Andrew Sturt – Afterwork Saltwater Fly Mission

It's been a tough season in our local spot this year. There have been the odd moments of brilliance amongst the misery though. Below is one large fish which I caught early in the season. Since then he has been spotted regularly, healthy and feeding which is a great sign that the catch and release ...continue reading Andrew Sturt – Big Fish Aren’t Always Smart

Opening Day came around far too slowly for my liking, but this seems to be the case every year. Our “hard-core” fishing gang assembled in Wellington the evening before, in preparation for an early start. I was fortunate enough to be called in to work for the morning of opening so the Alex, Andrew M ...continue reading Opening Day

On Sunday Alex and I had plans to head up towards the Hawkes Bay to try and chase down some Christmas Venison. As it happened I somehow managed to lose the Bolt for my gun so we decided to flag it and head over to the Wairarapa for some fishing instead. Spoiled for choice, we ...continue reading Summer Showed Up

Frog Hair strike indicators offer a recycled indicator type in a new and clever way. One of the major flaws with the common fly fishing indicators is the lack of movement. Traditional fluff indicators work well at any given length however the reality is that we don’t fish the same depth of water all day ...continue reading Frog Hair Strike Indicators

Despite a fairly average opening day in the central North Island, Alex and I have managed some success on a couple of after work outings on the local.  Two fish in particular have been of exceptional quality for this time of year so fingers crossed it's going to be a great season. The first evening ...continue reading Opening Week On The Local


The new Riverworks Z Series™ wading boots are quite simply the best value for money wading boots on the market today. We initially set out to design a good quality wading boot at an affordable price, but as we worked through the design process we came up with some really cool ideas that we were ...continue reading Z Series Wading Boots – New 2012


The newly designed B3 Waders are the ideal waders for year round use. The 3 layer design is both light and durable. At a very affordable price the B3s are a wader that is light and cool in the warmer months and warm and tough when layered correctly in the colder months. Constructed from 3 ...continue reading B3 Waders – New 2012

We want to know where you guys are going to be fishing on opening weekend. North, South, River, Lake, leave us a comment below and share what you’ll be doing and what your goals are for this season. It would also be cool to see some photos of the flies you'll be trying out. Also ...continue reading Opening Weekend


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