With the last of my law exams out of the way (for ever!) I was in a slightly strange headspace. I should be stoked. I'd worked 5 years for this moment, to finish my degrees. Plus I had a summer of working at night and fishing during the day to look forward to, but somehow ...continue reading Spiritual Exodus



Another day started well before dawn with me rolling out of bed, throwing some clothes on and falling into my car. This time I was off to collect Ben to head into the backcountry. We had a big day planned, so wanted to make the most of it. I even packed a little secret energy ...continue reading A fish a day…



Last week I managed to talk Isaak out of his strict study/work schedule and into a day's backcountry fishing. It wasn't hard.    The drive commenced at some ungodly hour and before too long we had our boots on and we'd begun the walk into the river. In the carpark there had been one vehicle, ...continue reading I fish, therefore I am

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Unsurprisingly, the day I'd planned to knuckle down and get a couple of essays out of the way turned out to be a beautiful day. I packed up my car to head into uni and then noticed my fly gear in the boot. The seed was planted. Once the thought had crossed my mind I ...continue reading Solo Sessions

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For the third time in as many days Andrew and I found ourself donning our boots, rigging our rods and getting prepared to stand in some very bloody cold water!   For the first hour or so we fruitlessly fought the wind with very few fish seen. Eventually our luck changed as we slowly walked ...continue reading Third time’s a charm

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Winter sucks. Simple as that. It's long, it's cold and you can't fish the backcountry. In many ways I think it's probably a good thing to have a rest - the intensity with which we fish would be difficult to sustain all year long. By the time October rolls around I'm usually fizzing to get ...continue reading Out of Hibernation


A few months back I got out for a fish with Paul McDonald (www.waikatoflyfishers.co.nz). The weather was rotten, but we pushed through and got onto a few fish. Here's a selection from the week's fishing.   The first day found us fishing a somewhat swollen river. Paul quickly got things underway with a succession of ...continue reading Jack Kos – One from the dark depths of winter


Disheartened by the long cold stare of a Canterbury winter, Andrew and I set our sights on a more temperate climate. A brief jaunt over the alps saw us in the altogether more mild domain of the West Coast. We'd arranged to meet up with Gary Webb for a fish. Neither of us has met ...continue reading A walk in the park

4.5lb bow on Royal Wulff


 Hey team, It's been a long, tough winter...but we're almost through. The end's in sight. I know I'm chomping at the bit to get back into the backcountry Fly fishing and I can only imagine that you're all feeling similar. I want to draw all of your attention to a new website that provides information ...continue reading Water Conservation Orders



What follows is a list of my favourite fish from the season. Not necessarily the biggest or the prettiest, but the most satisfying for one reason or another. In fact it has surprised me while constructing this list how many of the bigger fish have been left off. They're certainly satisfying and look great in ...continue reading The top five…