For once opening day this year greeted us with blue skies and good clear water.  A bunch of us got together and fished a high country tributary which normally would hold a handful of reasonable sized fish, after many kms of water covered and not a single fish caught, cast to, sighted or even spooked ...continue reading Alex Broad – Opening Day

After a long weekend of DIY around the house I was in need for some time on the river. I was getting the gear together and sending out a few messages to see if anyone was keen to join me when Monday afternoons 6.2 earthquake struck, normally I wouldn't bother going fishing after an earthquake ...continue reading Alex Broad – Flying Solo

This is the second season that the Endure fly rod has been in the market. At its modest price point of $399.99 it easily gets swallowed up by bigger names at much higher price points, however recently I have come to love this rod as much if not more than many other very expensive rods ...continue reading Alex Broad – The Endure Fly Rod

Living in Wellington we don''t always get out as often as we would like due to the weather.  So when good weather comes around you have to be ready and chomping at the bit to get out there and make the most of it. Sunday was one of these days, the spring winds had abated ...continue reading Alex Broad – Making Hay While The Sun Shines

With less than a month to go till the much anticipated date in every fly fisher's calender we are all in no doubt preparing ourselves for the upcoming season. We often reflect back on last season and how we did, where we went, friends we fished with and most importantly what lessons we learnt. I ...continue reading Looking back and moving forward

As some of our readers will know, we introduced a new rod to our combo range this year, the Glide rod is a medium / fast action rod that we are offering as part of a rod, reel, and line combo.  The rods are also available by themselves, RRP for the rod is just $250! ...continue reading Putting the new Glide fly rods to the test.


We have had a serious lack of rain in the Wellington region until recently; rivers are low, clear and warm.  Fish are either sluggish or have moved into the riffles for cooler more oxygenated water.  Typical summer conditions.  We had a cracker day earlier this week and decided a fly fish was in order, however ...continue reading A nice surprise

I've spent years working in the tackle industry and I realize every angler is different, some view reels as an important part of the fishing arsenal, while others think that they are just over priced line holders and would rather "palm drag" their fish.  Well, to be honest in the early days I was a line holder ...continue reading Alex Broad – Drags with grunt, the R Series


It was a slow season for me this year trout wise; however the salt water side of things was not too bad at all. Early in the season Jack and I did an overnight mission into the Tararua’s, the river was nice and clear and the fish were feeding.  We only managed to hook into ...continue reading Alex Broad – My best 5 fish this season