Mouse feeders are often easy to identify, with wide thickset flanks, big full bellies with hard nugget-like chunks being able to be felt from the outside... Huge New Zealand trout feasting on rats and mice are the stuff every trout angler dreams of. Big, fat, heavy brown trout, engorged on a turbo-charged, proteinrich diet of ...continue reading Zane Mirfin – Mice, Rats & Rodents

Locally Produced: Zane caught this 11lb brown trout in Murchison with his friend Tony Entwistle. The variety and diversity of angling opportunity is probably unmatched. MURCHISON fishing guide Peter Carty once wrote that ‘‘fishing is a disease. It’s not usually fatal and there’s no known cure for it, but the therapy is wonderful.’’ I couldn’t ...continue reading Zane Mirfin – Wildside – Buller River dreaming, and Murchison on my mind

www.strikeadventure.com Roll your own: Making your own flies, spinners, jigs and sinkers is fun, easy, enjoyable, economical and best of all, catches you more fish. Making your own flies and other lures is a rewarding way to spend winter while awaiting the start of the new fishing season – and the only limit is your ...continue reading Zane Mirfin’s Wildside Column – Fly and Lure Making