The XT Series waders are built for you, the hardcore fisherman. Constructed from the lightest and toughest materials, the XT is a no compromise, no bull s#*t wader made for slogging long distances through a variety of terrain. These guys mark the next leap in breathable wader innovation. With their Quik-Convert™ sliding chest system, you ...continue reading NEW | XT WADERS

Finally a TOUGH AS Wading Boot! Introducing the NEW X-Series wading boot, built tough to withstand the demands of the New Zealand back-country rivers. We have removed the features that flaw many other boots, and developed a clean and simple design that masters functionality and boasts second-to-none durability. Developed in conjunction with our Riverworks Pro ...continue reading Introducing the X Series Wading Boots with Dual Zone Sole Technology


Riverworks is proud to be behind the 2012 Rise Film Festival. The festival showcases a series new and exciting films from New Zealand and abroad. They will be shown across New Zealand throughout September so get in quick before tickets sell out. DATES AND BOOKINGS

Five fish I'll never forget. No matter ho hard I try. This entry differs from what the other boys have done recently. I'll put my top five together later on, but for now this is all about five of the most memorable fish I didn't catch. My apologies for the lack of images... but I guess you'll understand ...continue reading Five fish I will always remember

A while back I devised a plan to convince Matt into a weekend of fishing in the Central North Island, that was the easy part. I was overdue a good concentrated dose of fly chucking so we schemed, planned, googled, schemed some more and had plans A to F sussed. What I didn't plan for ...continue reading Lucas Allen – Curing an Ailment

I've just received a comprehensive report from my fishing pal Matt. He has just returned from the Whirinaki with Hamilton Angling Club, they have a major soft spot for this place from what I can gather. Their club trips are incredibly popular and having recently joined the club I'm itching to get a spot on an ...continue reading Lucas Allen – HAC Trip Report – Fly fishing the Whirinaki

Just got back from an eventful night fishing trip. Matt was on form and got smoked by something that may have been even bigger than this specimen. Best be going to sleep. V is good for the drive home but terrible when it's 1.30am and you have work at 6.30. Have a great fishy weekend. ...continue reading Lucas Allen – Dead dog burley


Hello again, sorry for the absence. Well I figured after many quick after work fishing trips there must be something worth reporting on by now. To be honest, I'm still in a state of shock and am still found reminiscing about the good ol saltfly trip we did a few weeks back (click here incase ...continue reading Late Summer Missions