The XT Series waders are built for you, the hardcore fisherman. Constructed from the lightest and toughest materials, the XT is a no compromise, no bull s#*t wader made for slogging long distances through a variety of terrain. These guys mark the next leap in breathable wader innovation. With their Quik-Convert™ sliding chest system, you ...continue reading NEW | XT WADERS

Explore further, fish longer is apt when it comes to Riverworks gear, clearly the guys who came up with this had been fishing where I was about to go, the wild back blocks of Hawke’s Bay. Leaving in sunshine to be greeted with a coolish overcast day and a forecast promising light but continual rain ...continue reading Back Country Hawke’s Bay

Having recently become part of the Riverworks Pro team I've been keen to try out the new gear. I've done a few local solo trips to the river but have not really had anything to test the gear.  Other than being very comfortable and functional I had nothing of note to comment on.  A few ...continue reading All hail the new X Series Jacket

On Tuesday evening Alex, Andrew Marshall and myself headed out west is search of Albacore Tuna. We had heard reports that they were being caught so we gunned it out wide as fast as we could to be greeted by warm but dirty water. After half an hour with no sign and time running out, ...continue reading Andrew Sturt – Afterwork Saltwater Fly Mission

Opening Day came around far too slowly for my liking, but this seems to be the case every year. Our “hard-core” fishing gang assembled in Wellington the evening before, in preparation for an early start. I was fortunate enough to be called in to work for the morning of opening so the Alex, Andrew M ...continue reading Opening Day

Towards the end of Winter, Salmon move into Sydney Harbour creating plenty of  opportunities for fly fisherman. Fly Junkies Anttii Vappula, Gavin Davis and I headed out last weekend to hook into some of these fish.  For salt water rookies like myself,  Salmon fishing in the harbour is a whole new ball game. Standing on ...continue reading Fraser Perry – Sydney Harbour

During September, Fly Junkies Andrew Yabsley and I headed over to New Zealand to get a taste of winter fishing in the Taupo area. As it was our first winter fishing trip to the North Island, we had no expectations other than learning a few new techniques and exposure to different fisheries. We were hosted ...continue reading Fraser Perry – Aussies visit Taupo

Fly Junkies were down on the flats of the Eucumbene River this weekend with the Aussie Fly Fisher and Sydney Inshore Fishing crews for a sensational fly fishing session. The crew consisting of Kurt Thomas, Toby Jones, Josh Hutchins, Pier Nissotti, and Fraser Perry all had a great time and catching lots of fish and ...continue reading Eucumbene River