The XT Series waders are built for you, the hardcore fisherman. Constructed from the lightest and toughest materials, the XT is a no compromise, no bull s#*t wader made for slogging long distances through a variety of terrain. These guys mark the next leap in breathable wader innovation. With their Quik-Convert™ sliding chest system, you ...continue reading NEW | XT WADERS


Over the weekend I headed over the hill with a couple of mates Hamish and Andrew to check out a spot that held promises of silver bullets and football brownies. Loaded with our Riverworks gear, a video camera and the shear need to get out for a fish we piled into the car and launched ...continue reading Wairarapa Wanderings


Here it is. The video clip from our three day epic at the end of last season... put together by Mike Kirkpatrick. We filmed a lot of action during the three days and Mike has been hard at work in the time since, editing the footage and preparing it for his next DVD. I'm catching up with ...continue reading Three days in heaven… the video clip.


Riverworks is proud to be behind the 2012 Rise Film Festival. The festival showcases a series new and exciting films from New Zealand and abroad. They will be shown across New Zealand throughout September so get in quick before tickets sell out. DATES AND BOOKINGS


A video clip from a trip earlier this season. You've seen the photo's now here it is in motion... Cheers to Mike Kirkpatrick for stitching it all together.


We haven't caught many on video so far this season unfortunately, however this is one that was. It was filmed earlier this season... it's nothing terribly special, but something to look at nontheless. Thanks very much to Liz for coming along and filming for us.