Fraser Perry

Fraser was first introduced to fly fishing by his Physics Teacher at Sydney Grammar School in 2007. Since then his enthusiasm has grown and has become a passion.

Motivated by adventure, the fly fishing journey has taken Fraser to many places; through the alpine streams of Kosciuszko, to the braided waterways of New Zealand, all the way to the turbulent rivers of Scandinavia where he lived for a year as an exchange student.

The challenge that fly fishing presents is what most motivates Fraser. As a scientist and engineer, he is constantly striving for the ultimate experience. He thoroughly enjoys short line Nymphing and is always refining techniques.

In 2012, Fraser became a Certified Casting Instructor accredited through the International Federation of Fly Fishers. He now teaches fly casting professionally part time.

Fraser brings youth and enthusiasm to the diverse Riverworks Team and is proud to be the first Pro Team Member to represent Riverworks in Australia.

Fraser currently studies Mining Engineering and Geology as a combined degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.




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