Fly-fishing naturally lends itself to the setting of goals, be it catching a trophy, catching ten fish in a day or catching a fish from a particular location. My personal goals always seem to involve size (insert inappropriate comment here), although there have been a couple of cursed rivers where, despite the fact that everyone ...continue reading Jack Kos – Goals, Voodoo and Fish

There’s just something about Turangi. Fly-fishing has permeated the entire town. Sure, the fishing isn’t what it used to be, but it’d be rude not to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.  I made plans to head up with Andrew and Joel for a couple of days. Plans is probably overly generous, the whole trip was ...continue reading Jack Kos – Facing Mecca

www.strikeadventure.com Roll your own: Making your own flies, spinners, jigs and sinkers is fun, easy, enjoyable, economical and best of all, catches you more fish. Making your own flies and other lures is a rewarding way to spend winter while awaiting the start of the new fishing season – and the only limit is your ...continue reading Zane Mirfin’s Wildside Column – Fly and Lure Making