Alex Broad

Alex Broad

I began fly fishing a bit later than most, at 17 I took fly fishing as an extracurricular subject at school as a piss take joke. After the first lesson I was hooked and started hassling a mate to take me out with him on the local Marlborough rivers. After 4 years of chasing trout around Otago and Southland while I “studied” design I moved to Wellington. Immediately I hit Rob up for a job. Eventually he gave in. I’ve been designing gear for Evolve ever since. I fly fish year round, but to be honest the month or 2 when the cicada’s are cranking is the best. You just can’t beat free rising back country trout. Salt water fly fishing is my latest fad, the pure power of a salt water fish attached to a “twig” is something else.

Fly fishing isn’t what it’s all about for me, I’m also passionate about hunting, photography and design.

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